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My name is Denis O'Leary. Welcome to my website.

I was born in 1961 in Brisbane, Australia, and attended Clairvaux College until 1978. After leaving school, we moved to my father's hometown in Ireland for a year.  I remained in Ireland, and travelled extensively throughout Europe, North America, and Asia over the next few years, eventually visiting over 30 countries. I married in Ireland and stayed there until 2008, when I moved back to Australia with my wife Sheila, and our three children.  I now work in Brisbane in the travel industry.

My first published work was Cold Comfort, a short story published on the Australian Crime Fiction Database in 2008. I have republished an updated version of it on Amazon where it is available for download.

Recent works.

Recently published works are ...

  • The Orcus Mine, a short story psychological thriller set in Australia.

  • Karamojo Bell, a brief history of the world's most prolific elephant hunter.

  • Cold Comfort, a police procedural short story set in Australia.
  • The Devil in The Sky  My first full-length novel, an adventure thriller set in the African mining industry.

Presently, the first three are available for free on .  The novel is now also available on Smashwords. 

I am working on a series of crime short stories, with a crime novel due out at the end of 2013.

Follow me on Twitter - @dmol1961

Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions.  I'd love to hear what people think of my writing, so please let me know.

All the best, Denis.